glycolic night cream

What is Glycolic Acid?

Alpha Hydroxy Acid is glycolic acid (AHA). You may be afraid of the term acid, but glycolic acid is typically used in lesser quantities at home. It functions as an exfoliator to flip dead skin cells around and disclose fresh skin cells.

It is also one of the tiniest AHAs, which means that it can enter profoundly to provide the greatest effects. And it’s water-soluble, so you can rinse your face with water to “remove.”

How should I add glycolic acid to my routine?

Glycolic acid should always be used at night, since it renders your skin sun-sensitive. It may be applied at night to perform its work without any increased danger or harm to your skin in the sun. But you should still always use an SPF moisturiser in the morning.

Glycolic acid may be used in a skin care regimen in three different ways: as a facial cleanser, as a toner, and as a mask. You should determine whether to wash or toner with glycolic acid every day, since the levels are lower for daily usage, then you should apply a glycolic acid mask monthly. This gives you the full advantages of acid and is safe for your skin.

Like a Face Wash

Face wash with glycolic acid has a low acid level (often 8-10% or less) so that it is safe to use at night. Glycolic acid facial cleansers may also contain salicylic acid, which makes it excellent for skin that is prone to acne.

Glycolic acid is the first step in a nightly skin care regimen when used as a wash.

In my role as a toner

You may apply a toner containing glycolic acid immediately after your nighttime cleanser. When opposed to a mask, glycolic acid is present in lower quantities in toner products (concentration of 8–10 percent), making it safe to use every day.

Glycolic acid, when applied as a toner, is the second step in your nightly skin care regimen.

Masks have a considerably greater concentration of glycolic acid, up to 30% in certain cases, therefore they should only be applied once a week. Because a glycolic acid mask aids in the absorption of other skincare products, you should apply one as the first step in your nightly regimen, then omit any glycolic acid toner. Glycolic night cream is best to add in your night time routine.